The Success Formula


I have a formula for success.

It is true, I really do have a formula for success and, what is more, I am going to give it away to you today for free.

“Why would you give away a formula for success?” I hear you cry. “Won’t everyone muscle in on your territory once they have the secret?”

The answer is a resounding no and I am on safe ground when I say this. There is lots of room for the success of others. Some people will be successful and happy in their lives, but the fact is most people will not be successful. People will respond in many ways to this lack of success. Some people will not really care one way or another. Some people will chase one type of success and find it was not what they really wanted or needed. Some people will keep trying for success anyway and simply enjoy the adventure. Some people will try then fail then blame others for their lack of success and live lives full of anger, bitterness and regret. Unfortunately, there are more failure versions than success versions. There are no real guarantees in life.

The big problem for most people when they learn of such a formula for success is the overall amount of work which is required to solve it. Many people already know the formula or one very much like it. They may have tried and failed already. Many people give up their trial too soon. They lack the necessary elements needed to achieve success in one or more or even all of factors in the equation, but they are either unwilling or unable to address the deficit. I do not judge people of course, I merely speak from experience. I have my own life to lead and, whilst I can consider other people’s perspectives, the only one I can be truly confident and honest about is my own.

We all have a path in life. A great question to ask yourself is, “Where do I stand on my path?”

Here then is my formula for success. 12 named factors plus the mysterious factor X. Revel in its glory for a minute or two then I will explain a little further.

Success = Reason + Goal + Measure + Strategy + Knowledge + Action + Work + Feedback + Focus + Support + Attitude + Belief + X

Now, I said I had a formula for success not THE formula. There are others out there. Perhaps there are in fact no genuine formulas? This one might not work for you at all – I offered no guarantees. It is, however, correct for me, which is what ultimately counts.

I do believe it will give you a solid starting point. These are battle-proven elements of success which have been tested and refined over the ages. I have even included the mystery term X which you can use to include any other elements to make your formula special to you. For me, the term X represents fun. I like fun in my life and, for me, nothing is a true success without some fun being included in the mix.

I am planning to run a series of articles to usefully expand on the various terms in the formula and why I have deliberately chosen not to include some terms which other people feel are essential. I hope you will enjoy them and gain some benefit from them.

Until next time.


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