Uncertainty and Emotional Intelligence

What is next in these times of uncertainty and how will emotional intelligence help?

In this time of uncertainty and fear, this is just a quick post here to highlight the importance of using your emotional intelligence knowledge and skills for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you.

These are indeed unsettling and frightening times for many people. Everyone will experience different emotions and thoughts because everyone is different. As a result, everyone will show a variety of behaviours and they will all see a variety of behaviours from others.

As I am sure you know, the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence or EI are: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Understanding of others and Managing relationships.

In these times of great uncertainty, it is incredibly important to keep your balance and support an effective perspective.

Self-awareness when confused

Because of the uncertainty and pervasive levels of fear in the world right now, be aware that your mind and emotions may well be working at an accelerated rate. You may well react atypically to items of news (or lack of news). This is normal. You will likely generate a number of unhelpful or even detrimental views, ideas and opinions based on what you hear and what you are told by others. You might even behave out of character because these are unprecedented times. This is all normal and fully expected under the circumstances – you are a normal human being, and this is what we human beings do. You might even find some new thoughts and new directions. This is self-awareness.


Cut yourself some slack. Be kind to yourself because then at least one person in the world will be being kind to you. Uncertainty tends to increase the perceived jeopardy. Uncertainty makes the stakes seem higher somehow. Take some time out and examine these thoughts and emotions from a neutral perspective. Are they your natural thoughts, reactions and emotions or are they created by the situation? How might you consciously think, feel and act differently to improve your current situation? There is no point in me offering specific suggestions as everyone’s situation is unique. Personally, I am throwing myself into online course design so I can help more people once this is over and I am also teaching myself Python programming. I am channelling my excess energy into creative and positive pursuits. This is self-regulation.

Understanding other people are uncertain as well

The people around you may well be acting, feeling, and communicating atypically. Again, why wouldn’t they be? They are human just like you and I. They are stressed and scared from all the uncertainty as well. Cut them some slack. Support them if possible but do not interfere too much unless necessary. Everyone will be on a different journey and everyone will be on their own timetable for that journey. Just like you and I. This is understanding others.

Helping others in times of uncertainty

The most important pillar right now is the managing relationships pillar. There are opportunities for chaos and anger right now as well as opportunities for love and light. How you engage with those around you will be key to which outcome prevails. You do not have to be the rock at the centre of the storm. Other people may be better able to step up so help them do that. You do not have to know all the answers. Who does? You do not have to make victims of everyone else just as you do not have to be a victim yourself. No-one is really a victim here – everyone is just scared and confused over the uncertainty. Being helpful to others might involve allowing them to help you for example.


The key to all of this is effective communication because communication is our link to other people and the world. Speak with people, not at them. Find out what they want and need and see if it meshes with what you want and need. Even though theses are times of great uncertainty, we will find a lot of unexpected good will appear and often where we least expected it.

Be kind to yourself and others and stay emotionally intelligent because this will end and there will be a new normal.

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