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My self-confidence passion project is lifting off!

The author Andrew D. Pope announcing the Self-confidence for all project

Self-Confidence for ALL – update to start announcement

Like most of you I have been hammered by the response and reaction to C19. I have had to hunker down and work hard just to keep the wolves from the door. I have never been so busy but it has been brutal. My Self-confidence for all project has taken something of a back seat but the principles behind it all have been stress-tested in the real world like never before. I have been using them on myself full-time and not only do they still work brilliantly but they have worked better than ever. I have emerged in tip-top order and fighting fit. The blog below is as before.

The best time for this self-confidence passion project is right now

I have been quiet for a while on here but I have been super-busy behind the scenes. I have passed through a number of sometimes highly-charged emotional stages during this recent series of events. One thing I did realise is that I needed a change of direction. I am going all in on a self-confidence based passion project which I have been planning for some time but just never got around to starting. Well now I’m starting it. These are my initial thoughts. You can check out the latest information on my website.

My manifesto & outline plan

I have a cunning plan. Hi there! My name is Andrew D. Pope and I’m on a mission against the tyranny of low self-confidence and all the misery it brings. Why not join me on my passion project? Why not join me on my mission? Join me on my experimental journey in free community learning and self-confidence building for all. I’m building it all as you read this blurb so bear with me as it starts slowly and quietly then hopefully gathers structure, direction and momentum.

My big passion project why

Why am I doing this passion project? Well make no mistake, low self-confidence can destroy your enjoyment of life. It creates stress, anxiety, fear, misery and, well hell you name it, if it’s bad then low self-confidence can create it and/or make it worse. It ruins relationships and it destroys potential. Your perspective gets skewed and twisted. It’s a horrible, dark, and sad way to live. I know because I lived with it for over 35 years of my early life. Luckily I got all the help I needed to sort myself out and I trained to become a coach to coach myself. Now I pay things forward by coaching, training, and helping others. I focus on self-confidence, emotional intelligence, and total ownership. I like to do things differently, so I create and follow my own paths.

The plan

Here is my outline plan. I am embarking on this self-confidence building passion project with a “give it all away for free and pay me if you like it” model and I will do it with properly free “no sales” webinars, podcasts, a YT channel, this blog and whatever else I can find time for. It might be the stupidest idea in the world but maybe, just maybe, it could be the single best idea I’ve ever had. As Springfield’s Channel 6 anchorman Kent Brockman sagely tells us, “Only time will tell.”

How will I fund this self-confidence project?

In my everyday life I work successfully as a corporate trainer of soft skills and communication skills and I get all my work by word of mouth referrals. That’s how I pay my everyday bills.

This self-confidence passion project will certainly cost me extra money, energy, and time so I am hoping for some generous souls to buy me a Kofi if they want more of what I offer. I will also create some practical online courses based on community feedback and, if people want to buy them, then that will also help keep me going. I will in fact try to find as many creative ways to generate funds as possible along the way to keep the project going. What I won’t ever do is pushy selling of any kind. I hate that because I don’t want to ever be that person so watch my back and keep me on the straight and narrow.

I want to keep outgoings to a minimum and value to a maximum on this passion project, so I want the community to do all the advertising. I’ll do my level best with Social Media but it’s not my thing. I really will need fans to spread the word and spread the self-confidence love for me. I’m be looking for some great guests too, so your ideas and offers are always welcome.

I don’t know if any of this even makes any sense to anyone else, but it makes sense to me. It’s the right thing to do for me right now. The plan will be subject to change from time to time no doubt but hey, that’s life.

I’m no perfect “know it all” guru

This passion project will be a completely guru-free zone. I’m a long, long, long way from even being close the outskirts of the suburbs of perfect in terms of self-confidence. In fact, most of my many foibles and issues will show up some time during the process. I offer no gimmicks and I don’t make any outrageous claims. There are no magic tricks or super-powers of any sort claimed. It will just be me putting myself out there.

I’ll let the community input drive the narrative content and direction so there will be hits, misses and everything in between. I love variety and I’m endlessly curious so why not come along with me and see what happens?

All the best to you and yours

Andy Pope

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