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Andrew D Pope – the original and best – accept no substitute. Me happy and me angry - YouTube so far has been a mixture of both for my new YouTube channel.

My new YouTube channel is live. Here’s the link if you want to check it out straight away: @AndrewDPope

This article is all about my first journey into YouTube creatorship. I’ll also share many of the lessons I’ve learned plus some thoughts about the future.

You may, through reading my journey, recognise some of yourself in all this. You may also feel free to take any learnings and run with them. If you have any advice for me, then also feel free to offer it. I’m all ears.

It’s been a powerful and emotional experience. I’ve been battling my trinity of nemeses, negative self-talk, perfectionism, and procrastination. They will always be with me, but I have learned some great new tactics this time.

Creating my new YouTube channel has been a big step for me in many ways.

BTW – if you prefer an audio version of this, I have included one at the end of this article.

Pre-launch struggles and worries

The minute I decided to start my new YouTube channel and do it in a professional manner, the internal battle was on.

My old habits try, as always, to resurface and, if I let them, they can play havoc with my resolve and productivity.

One of my self-confidence mantras is, “Be ever vigilant.” I must always keep my eye on the ball. Low self-confidence is like rust – it never sleeps.

It would be nice to fix things once then forget about them, but this is not the case with me. I must be always on guard.

My old trio of horrible habits are negative self-talk, procrastination, and perfectionism. I have others, but they are the big three. I never claimed to be perfect.

Some big scary questions loomed:

  • Who am I kidding? YouTube at my age – am I being a bit too reckless here?
  • Will anyone even watch my videos?
  • If they do, will they like them?
  • Do I even have the technical ability to make videos?
  • How will I deal with the heady success of a billion adoring followers?

Luckily the last one won’t be an issue for a while at least.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

I spent a while trawling the internet for some solid advice on starting a successful channel.

The actual process of starting a channel is easy enough. Loading videos is easy enough. Making videos people want to watch – now that’s a different story.

Most people were straight-up trying to sell me something. Others were for me niching right down on super-popular topics to go viral. Yet more were recommending outrageous “Tik-Tok” style editing techniques.

Given that I am aiming at a certain market demographic, i.e., people like I used to be, it was starting to look a bit hopeless.

I found most inspiration from one Roberto Blake. He was open, honest, and realistic about his own YT journey. I could at least see light at the end of the tunnel. It was likely a very long and dark tunnel, but still, there was some light.

I eventually decided to just go for it. I spent all my spare time in March 2023 making videos for people, then put the channel “live” at the beginning of April 2023. Happy days!

Managing my own expectations about my new YouTube channel

Following a lot of my own advice helped. That was a good start. If I’m sharing it, I should follow it, right?

I had to keep reminding myself that I AM starting my new YouTube channel for my passion project. My passion project is to help as many people as possible to become more self-confident.

I am NOT starting my new YouTube channel to become a famous and rich YouTube star creator. Never say never though 🙂

I must keep telling myself that it could take several years to gain any reasonable traction and reach. I am working on 4 years to be on the safe side. Any earlier is icing on the cake.

I also must take care not to compare myself to the leading YouTube lights. That’s a recipe for depression.

It’s okay to make bad, unpopular, beginner-level videos at first because I am a beginner after all.

Not only that, but I am a beginner who is keen to learn and will only get better over time. Also, I am fully prepared to put in the time, effort and hard work required.

I am going to make this plan work.

Massive respect for established creators

Having now had a go at making some long and short-form videos I have realised something important.

I now have the utmost respect for any creators who are at the peak of their game. I may not like their content topics, but I can appreciate their huge effort and commitment.

A doff of my cap to you all.

The strategy for my new YouTube channel

I’m working on the simple fact that my output will never be viral. It will always be “evergreen” content.

I will work hard to ensure that each new video will be a little better than the one preceding it. I am aiming for at least one long-form video a week but will have to be flexible depending on the day job.

YouTube recently introduced video “Shorts” which have been a bonus for me. I get to practice a bit, gain confidence, and post every day to the channel. Later, I will reduce the number of these shorts I release, to stick to the longer-form ones, which I enjoy making.

I am a big fan of an inspirational gentleman called David Goggins. His two books are well worth a read. In his terminology, I will be “grinding it out” and “keeping my eyes on the prize.”

I’m starting to enjoy the process

I’m starting to develop solid workflows, so I’m getting faster at editing and uploading. Still a long way to go but I’m getting some chops now.

I am starting to enjoy the whole thing now, but…

I will have to wean myself off looking at the YT Studio app on my phone. It is very easy for me to become obsessed with such things.

I am also aware that this is my first blog post for a while. Apologies, starting my YouTube channel has burned through my time.

Maintaining better life-balance is the next target. Another of my weaknesses is becoming obsessed with whatever I’m working on. As I say, I am always a work in progress.

What’s next for me and my new YouTube channel?

For starters, a lot of patient hard work and focus aimed at the following:

  • Getting better and better at everything.
  • Doing more location videos, as I love to be outside. This plan comes with a host of video/audio problems but I’m sure all these can be overcome.
  • Growing my list of subscribers and my community.
  • Making videos people want to watch and share.
  • Balancing my life and preserving my mental wellbeing.
  • Any other matters arising.

How you can help with my passion project work

My big request would be for you to check out my new YouTube channel here.

I would also ask that you subscribe to the channel. It is super-helpful in promoting my self-confidence passion project work.

Also, and finally, please watch and like some or even all the videos. Assuming you do like them of course.

Feedback and constructive comments are always welcome.

That’s all for this one

Subscribe to the YouTube channel here and like some or all the videos – it really helps.

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