EI blog manifesto

My Emotional Intelligence blog manifesto. I'm Andrew D Pope and welcome to my blog. This is my blog manifesto, ethos and credo all in one.

Here is my EI blog manifesto statement because being open and upfront is important.

Welcome to “Emotional Intelligence and You.”

Life is all about understanding emotional intelligence and applying intelligent emotion. I believe Emotional Intelligence is the key to it all. Because of this belief, I am paying everything I know forward.

My new “Self-Confidence For All” passion project

I’m the chief mojo mechanic, gumption wrangler & self-confidence engineer.

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My EI blog manifesto statement

This Emotional Intelligence blog, and all my coaching, training and writing, is all about five key elements which are:

  • Emotional Intelligence or EI
  • Mental Toughness or MT
  • Emotional Resilience or ERes
  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective mindsets

I believe that an issue with, or lack of, some or all of these is a big problem. This is because such issues or lacks are at the root of almost every personal, professional or organisational team performance related problem.

Dealing effectively with awareness, ability, application, aptitude and attitude will get the job done.

What’s in this EI blog manifesto for you?

The outcome for you will be more success and less stress.

We’re all human. Because of this fact many things cause us anxiety and stress. Because you are unique, your stressors will be unique. The solutions, however, don’t have to be unique. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.

My coaching and training experience is extensive, yet I am constantly amazed at the great results generated with the “big five” as I call them.

Studying and improving on emotional intelligence, mental toughness, and emotional resilience can change your outlook, your state of mind and the results you can achieve. A key hope in my EI blog manifesto promise is that my writings and musings in this Emotional Intelligence blog will help you develop the skills and mindsets to take you much further forward on your journey.

You are your most important asset which means you must take control and maintain that asset to the best of your ability. You might also need a helping hand now and again, which is where I tend to come in. I do also offer training and coaching which you can read about here.

My EI blog manifesto commitment to you

In this Emotional Intelligence blog, because I believe in them so much, I will put out my truth, my thoughts and my musings on my “big five” elements plus anything else I believe will be of use to you.

I’ll also offer you great tips, hacks and videos. Who knows, perhaps even the occasional webinar or podcast. I will sometimes even mention some of the useful products I offer because such tools and knowledge could be just what you need.

I hope it will all prove to be both informative and useful to you.

To stress-proof and beyond.

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