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Emotional Intelligence (EI) development. What’s in it for you?

EI development and coaching is all about helping people. Understanding and using the power of Emotional Intelligence means being able to de-stress, focus, regain clarity. This results in more self-confidence and the supercharging of success in life and work.

I see my role as chief mojo mechanic, gumption wrangler & personal stress-reduction engineer.

Andrew D Pope - the original and best - accept no substitute

I’m Andrew D Pope and my mission is to help stressed-out people to re-focus, de-stress & regain clarity. This means they can maximise their impact, productivity & results.

My EI development training and coaching is based on encouraging and instilling radical self-ownership. Because you will adopt a stance focused on radical self-ownership, you will take back full self-control over your own life and success.

In all my personal EI development based coaching work, live training and online training courses, along with total ownership, I cover five key areas because these 5 key areas have the most impact on success:

  • Mental toughness
  • Self-confidence
  • Emotional resilience
  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective mindsets

These five elements cover all the areas the people I work with need. These elements combine to allow people to fully understand and use their EI development to build their self-confidence and gumption.

You can also read my full Emotional Intelligence blog manifesto.

The aim of my Emotional Intelligence training is to always help my clients get from stressed to effective. Then from effective to high-performing and then on to being stress-proof.

Getting to grips with and mastering the so-called “soft skills” is the way forward. Because of these skills you’ll be able to differentiate yourself in terms of professional skill and employability.

Ultimately, the goal of my Emotional Intelligence training is to help you become happy, self-confident and stress-proof. This results in you performing at your very best level.

Who the hell is Andrew D Pope anyway?

Right now, I’m a freelance trainer, coach and content creator. That’s it. I’m nearly 58 now and I’ve been round the block quite a few times. I’ve learned a fair bit along the way.

This is a guru-free and wizard-free zone because I’m just a regular professional guy who likes to help other people. I can also make an honest living doing it. Because I’m honest and transparent it means I’m always open and upfront. This means I will never offer any gimmicks or make any outrageous claims.

I believe in all this EI development stuff because it helped me.

When I look back on my “clueless years” I can’t believe the difference between then and now. So, I’m paying things forward as best I can.

My new “Self-Confidence For All” passion project

This is my new and exciting passion project. I’m in full self-confidence engineering mode on this one.

Check out the video:

What other services do I offer you besides EI development?

Apart from the EI development, I am more than happy to provide coaching for individuals, teams and business organisations of all sizes because coaching works at every level.

If you do represent an organisation always bear this in mind. Having high-quality external coaching for your key executives, managers and teams works wonders. Such effective training results in a positive ripple effect which then spread throughout the whole business. They can also add a huge amount to your bottom line profit as a result.

Check out the growing list of high-quality video and audio courses on offer at my online ADP Academy. There is lifetime access to all my private sale courses. This means you can study whenever you want for as long as you want. You can study whenever you like and for as long as you like. It fits in well with even the busiest of schedules.

I also currently offer one to one coaching and psychometric testing either live or via remote link. If any of this is sounds interesting then get in touch. We can discuss options then we can check if the right chemistry is there.

Did I mention I’m also moving heavily into YouTube as well? It’s a steep learning curve so I’m working hard on it all right now. Don’t forget the EI development work.

I sound like a true renaissance man don’t I. Hmmmm. I am always a work in progress but I think I’m getting there.

Take control because investing in yourself pays great dividends

You are your best asset so take control and invest in that asset today.

Again, I offer no fancy gimmicks, I don’t offer complicated programs and I definitely don’t make any outrageous claims. There are no magic tricks or super-powers of any sort claimed. Because I offer high-quality, high-value, flexible, targeted, practical and transparently priced courses, 121 sessions and short programs., you get the EI development, transformational coaching and practical results-driven training you need.

First we talk and then we work.

Check out the website:


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