Drive – what really drives you to succeed?

Drive. And your reason is? What really drives you?What really drives you?

Drive is the motivational force which propels you toward a desired situation or away from an undesired one. Your drive can also be called you why or reason for doing something. Drive is what pushes you to a successful conclusion.

So, why do you want to be successful?

It seems like an innocent enough question does it not? Almost a pointless question. I mean, really, who doesn’t want success?

It’s all about energy

Well, everything in life takes energy. This is a fact and you can’t escape it. Whenever you do or think anything or engage in any interaction with the world around you, there is an exchange of energy involved.

You must take energy in to exchange for the bodily and mental essentials you need as a human and there is only so much to go around for the additional things you like to have in your lives.

The drive to achieve success in any significant endeavour takes a lot of work and achieving the type of comprehensive success most people seek in all areas of their lives, takes a huge amount of energy applied over time. You can do it, but you will need to make sacrifices. You must focus your energy and use it primarily for the essential elements you need to achieve your successful outcome.

Drive equals motivational fuel

Something  is needed to drive you toward your success. You need a fuel to power that drive. Nobody can  run a car for long without fuel, can they? You cannot survive for long as a human without food or water, can you?

Your reason for achieving success is your fuel. What drives you is your motivational fuel. Your why must be compelling enough to make you give up the nice to haves and expend your valuable energy on your success essentials. If your reason is not compelling enough your resolve will fizzle out and die. Your plan will fail.

The first step in planning for a successful outcome is to determine exactly why you are doing it in the first place. You need to work out the origin of your drive because if you don’t you could waste a lot of valuable time, resources, emotion and energy .

There are two types of driver: Extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic drivers

External or extrinsic drivers, offering such rewards as money, fame or possessions, can be good drivers for some people but, as history has demonstrated time and again, even if they are achieved these things do not always provide the happiness or contentment which was sought. Many times, the external rewards do not prove healthy as the drive for success. Someone else always has more money, more fame or more possessions so there is no real end to it. Even if they do relatively well, compared to others, these externally driven types eventually burn out and give up. They often feel discontented and bitter. They sometimes ruin their health and emotional lives. Life is too short to waste.

Intrinsic drivers

Internal or intrinsic rewards tend to be far more powerful and effective drivers for success. An intrinsic driver might be as simple as feeling personally satisfied for doing a task well regardless of any thanks or monetary gain. In my experience, the most powerful intrinsic drivers are those which involve achieving success so other people benefit. Intrinsic drive is superb motivational fuel because they represent the true you.

An example

Perhaps an example might help clarify things further.

Consider which of the following two success drivers might make a middle aged, overweight and out of condition businessman start to eat a healthy diet, get fit again and then stay fit for as long as possible.

Drive 1: He wants to look good on the beach, impress others and fit into more stylish business clothing to help his career?

Drive 2: He wants to be able to play more sports and games with his children and stay healthy to help provide for them and help them as they grow toward their own middle age.

Which option would be most effective for him? Which option would drive you most effectively?

Over to you

The cost of gaining extrinsic rewards is often high. If you are driven by such extrinsic rewards you might want to dig a bit deeper and see if you can find more intrinsic reasons for wanting success. Intrinsic drivers take less energy and therefore can be more powerful and sustainable over time.

If you would like to dig deeper into the idea of drive and what drives people, you might like to try the following books:

“Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

“Drive” by Daniel H. Pink

I can heartily recommend them both.

Take some reflection time and give some serious thought to what really drives you. If you need to make some drive changes, make them. It’s never too late to succeed.

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