Motivational Direction for More Effective Influencing

There are many elements in the influencing arena, but motivational direction is an important one to understand and apply early in the process. For a start, there’s your own motivational direction to consider. When you set goals and objectives for yourself, it makes sense to work with your inherent preferences rather than against them. Knowing your … Continue reading Motivational Direction for More Effective Influencing

“Stinking Thinking” Must Go!

“Stinking Thinking” is a great expression. It’s a super-memorable term and it’s also something you need to be continuously watchful for. Stinking thinking is like rust. It never sleeps. It creeps quietly and effectively under the surface and under the radar. Desperate to remain undetected, it will often flatter you to deceive you. Like rust, … Continue reading “Stinking Thinking” Must Go!

Betari Box Brilliance

The Betari Box packs a punch. It appears simple on the surface but, on closer inspection, turns out to have real power and nuance. Managing interpersonal skills can be tricky at the best of times. Analysing and understanding complex human interactions can be confusing and frustrating. I have yet to encounter a model more useful … Continue reading Betari Box Brilliance