Self-awareness & EI

What is self-awareness? Self-awareness, or awareness of self if you prefer, is the first pillar of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness really is the key to everything in Emotional Intelligence terms. Hopefully, you’ll recall that emotional intelligence comprises four pillars: self-awareness, self-regulation, understanding others and managing relationships. You could check out my “Emotional Intelligence is vital” post … Continue reading Self-awareness & EI

Emotional Intelligence is vital

What is Emotional Intelligence? What is Emotional Intelligence or EI? Why does it matter so much? Why does it make good sense to get a handle on it? Some people get it and they thrive. Some get it and for one reason or another don’t use it. Others don’t get it at all and, if … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence is vital

Late is expensive

Excuses, excuses and more excuses for being late So, you are a little late for a business meeting but it should be okay, right? It is only a few minutes and besides it was not really your fault was it? The traffic was worse than you expected, that last e-mail was important and the people … Continue reading Late is expensive

Assertiveness is what exactly?

What is assertiveness? I have mentioned assertiveness quite a few times in recent articles. What is it and why 0do you even need it? Assertiveness is one of those things everyone has likely heard about but no-one can easily define. We are often told to be more assertive but what exactly does this mean? What … Continue reading Assertiveness is what exactly?

Doormats Are An Ultra-Passive Problem

The Doormats They are the constant pushover, the too eager to pleaser and the avoider of conflict at all costs. They are the passive doormats of the organisation. I'm sure we've all encountered at least one such passive person in our lives. So how can these people ever be a problem to anyone? They won't … Continue reading Doormats Are An Ultra-Passive Problem

Passive-Aggressive People At Work

. Passive-aggressive people at work This article takes a brief look at three passive-aggressive (aka manipulative-aggressive) personality types you may either meet in work or have to manage in work if they are part of your team. Passive-aggressive type 1 - The Countdown Kid The Countdown Kid is a passive-aggressive type who is likely very … Continue reading Passive-Aggressive People At Work

Hostile-Aggressive People at Work

The Hostile-Aggressive Worker Hostile-aggressive people can be the bane of a manager's existence. This article takes a brief look at three hostile-aggressive personality types you may either meet in work or have to manage in work if they are part of your team. The Big Bad Bully The Big Bad Bully uses various forms of … Continue reading Hostile-Aggressive People at Work