Managing relationships & EI

Managing relationships with others is the fourth pillar of Emotional Intelligence or EI. Recall that emotional intelligence comprises four pillars: self-awareness, self-regulation, understanding others and managing relationships. You could check out my “Emotional Intelligence is vital” post for more insight. Do you really need other people? “No person is an island, entire of itself; every person is … Continue reading Managing relationships & EI

Doormats Are An Ultra-Passive Problem

The Doormats They are the constant pushover, the too eager to pleaser and the avoider of conflict at all costs. They are the passive doormats of the organisation. I'm sure we've all encountered at least one such passive person in our lives. So how can these people ever be a problem to anyone? They won't … Continue reading Doormats Are An Ultra-Passive Problem

Passive-Aggressive People At Work

. Passive-aggressive people at work This article takes a brief look at three passive-aggressive (aka manipulative-aggressive) personality types you may either meet in work or have to manage in work if they are part of your team. Passive-aggressive type 1 - The Countdown Kid The Countdown Kid is a passive-aggressive type who is likely very … Continue reading Passive-Aggressive People At Work