Gaffe Handling Brilliance

Once it is obvious to the people around you that you have made a self-created social gaffe, how do you deal with it? You can choose to get embarrassed about it, you can choose to tough it out, you can choose to make a run for it or, you can choose to handle it with … Continue reading Gaffe Handling Brilliance

Self-regulation & Emotional Intelligence

What is self-regulation? Self-regulation is the second pillar of emotional intelligence or EI. Hopefully, you’ll recall that emotional intelligence comprises four pillars: self-awareness, self-regulation, understanding others and managing relationships. You could check out my “Emotional Intelligence is vital” post for more insight. Regulation, in the sense we will use it, means the control of a … Continue reading Self-regulation & Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is vital

What is Emotional Intelligence? What is Emotional Intelligence or EI? Why does it matter so much for modern managers and leaders? Why does it make good sense to get a handle on it? Some people get it and thrive. Some get it and for one reason or another don’t use it. Others don’t get it … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence is vital