Bin Your Negativity

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Why should you bin your negativity?

Chronic and deep negativity put a huge dampener on my self-confidence for most of my life up until my mid to late thirties.

Looking back on it I see all the wasted opportunities for happiness and achievement littering my memories like field rubbish after a music festival.

I had happy times of course, but my deep negativity was always lurking, and it was desperate to reclaim its place.

My constant negativity was no fun for those around me either. Something had to change.

Finally taking full ownership and responsibility for my own life, I made the all-important decision to change. I got busy.

I worked hard to take powerful control of my negative thoughts and mindsets with coaching help, emotional intelligence, and constant vigilance.

If you are constantly feeling, thinking, and behaving negatively, then decide right now to bin your negativity and get back your control. Do it for your sake and for the sake of those around you.

I am always a work in progress, but I am much further forward for having made the decision to take back full ownership of my life then taking massive action.

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Negativity is easy, seductive, and dangerous

Every moment of every day, you can easily find something to be negative about. Negativity is all around you.

Letting negativity wash over you and become your only perspective is seductive because then you can play the blame-game.

The blame game is great. I know this because I elevated it to an art-form.

With the blame-game approach you simply blame everyone else and the world in general for everything going on in your life. Ownership goes out the window.

Played for long-enough by the way, the blame-game creates a full-blown victim mentality. Believe me – it is a hard road out from the bottom of this emotional hole.

Your negativity is toxic for everyone

Being around someone who is constantly negative is difficult. It drains energy, makes everything seems dark and dystopian, and sucks the joy out of life.

Negativity is like rust – it never sleeps. It works away at your energy and vitality and when you give in to it, negativity spreads to others via your language, emotions, and behaviours.

It is the gift that keeps on giving.

You really do need to bin your negativity as soon as possible. You then need to keep your eye on it because it will try to return.

Five ways to help you bin your negativity

It all must start with you, so to set you off on the right track here are five straightforward yet super-powerful mindset and behavioural tips to help you bin your negativity.

Reducing your negativity will improve your capacity to develop your emotional intelligence.

When you bin your negativity, you will feel happier and more self-confident. The people around you will be better off too.

Tip 1 Bin your negativity by being more grateful

Spend time being grateful for what you do have rather than spending your time worrying, fretting, and feeling down about what you do not have.

You can be grateful for both the things you own and, more importantly, the people you know and interact with. Being grateful spreads positive vibes and everyone can benefit.

Tip 2 Bin your negativity by being helpful to others

Negative people often worry that other people are looking to gain from them all the time. They also look to see what they can get from others. This is a low-level selfish way to get through life. It amplifies negativity.

Break the cycle and help to bin your negativity by offering to help others without seeking any personal gain. Just do it for the feel-good factor alone. You could even try some random acts of kindness.

Karma will work its magic. What goes around will come around and usually when you least expect it.

Tip 3 Bin your negativity by doing something creative

Doing something creative serves two main purposes. One, you will focus on the activity, and this alone will help you to stop dwelling on any negative thoughts. Two you will have hopefully created something of value.

By creative, I do not just mean painting, sculpting or whatever. Those are indeed creative activities but what about creating nice meals, making a room look wonderful, making someone happy, dressing differently, gardening, singing, dancing, etc… You already do many creative things without even realising it.

I used the term valuable but do not limit your definition to just money. Happiness and joy are far more valuable than mere money. Bin your negativity and get creative.

Tip 4 Bin your negativity by managing your inputs

There is an old database programmer saying, “Garbage in = garbage out.” It means bad inputs give bad outputs. Same with your life.

Reduce your negative inputs and replace them with positive inputs.

For example, stay away from toxic people, shut down your mainstream news feeds, turn off social media, stop eating junk food, watch less TV in general. You can replace these with conversations with positive people, good books, good music, healthy food, exercise, etc…

Make your own “garbage” list and start to chip away at it a piece at a time.

Tip 5 Bin your negativity by taking full ownership of your life

You cannot make any headway with any of this stuff if you are still blaming the world and its relatives for the negative areas of your life.

You may not be responsible for the events and circumstances, but you are fully responsible for your responses to those things.

Do not just drift along, take total ownership of your part in the great game of life. It is never too late, and it might just be the start of a whole new adventurous chapter in your life.

Go ahead and start to bin your negativity today

These five tips to bin your negativity may not seem like they will change your life instantly. That is because they will not. What they will do is add up over time. Make a habit of doing these five and any others you can add to the mix.

Each positive act, each positive thought, each positive feeling will build and grow. That is why I called them super-powerful.

Go ahead, try them out and start to bin your negativity right now.

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